As identified by World Health Organization, obesity means “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health”.

Although excessive weight is primarily regarded as a “physical image problem”, it is medically regarded as a disease, if a certain weight limit is exceeded.

Obesity paves the way for other physical diseases on the one hand and it leads to gradually worsening social and psychological problems on the other hand.

At the end, obesity turns into a focus that negatively affects the whole life of the person and and his/her social circle. Therefore, aim of the obesity treatment is not cosmetic improvement, but protecting and maintaning the heatlh.

If the obesity is severe enough to be regarded as a disease, the success rate of permanent treatment with the diet and the exercise therapies is lower than 5 percent. It is clearly demonstrated from the perspective of medicine that obesity surgeries are superior in the treatment of such patients.

♣Hundreds of thousands of obesity patients have a chance to regain the health (mental, physical and social well-being) in every year by undergoing an operation.

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