When the excess weight exceeds 25-30 kg above the certain limits, the case is regarded as “morbid obesity – a type of obesity regarded as a serious medical condition. For such patients, the chance of permanent weight loss with diet and exercise therapies is very low. Therefore, surgery is the valid and efficient treatment option for the people with morbid obesity.

To be brief and more precise, examples of height-weight for the candidates are as follows;

160 cm – 90 kg

165 cm – 96 kg

170 cm – 102 kg

175 cm – 107 kg

The medical decision of surgery is primarily based on the body mass index. Body Mass Index (BMI): It is calculated by dividing the body weight expressed in kilograms by the square of your height expressed in meters.

Patients with a body mass index above 40 (Grade III Obesity) are directly deemed as good candidates for the obesity surgery.

For the patients with the body mass index between 35-40 (Grade II Obesity ) and accompanying obesity-related problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, short-lasting pause of breathe in sleep (sleep apnea), joint deformity, depression, and sexual dysfunction, weight loss surgery is a reasonable option.

-It is necessary to reveal out that the cause of the obesity is excessive calorie intake and that there is no other condition, such as hormonal disease, which can lead to obesity and require different treatments.

-Although there is no definite age limit for the surgery, patients in the age range of 18 years to 65 years are usually accepted for the surgery.

- Before the surgery is considered as an option, it is necessary to document that patients fail to lose weight under medically supervised diet and exercise therapies.


*People with uncontrolled systemic disease that results in high-risk for anesthesia induction

* Patients with BMI – weight category – less than 35 (overweight or Grade I obesity)

* Patients with mental problems that hinder the ability to understand the procedures

* People who are socially isolated and cannot get support in the home environment

* People with a psychiatric condition that requires treatment

* Drug, alcohol or substance addicts

* Totally immobile patients ⇒ Weight loss surgery is not suitable.

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